Get Hip to the Business Trends of Today

In years past, technical innovation drove new product and service development, not cool colors or slick design. Today, companies are realizing the importance of being user-centered instead of just feature-centered; therefore product design combined with a phenomenal user experience has become the top priority for any consumer-oriented business. Apple, for instance, has done an amazing job using design to differentiate their products. Look at the iPod, the iPhone, iTV – they all have the distinct, almost futuristic Apple look. Amazingly, just as many people buy these products for their looks as they do for their functionality. Their products are not only easy-to-use; they empower the customer with more control over their own experience by providing a user-friendly interface, which is backed up with well thought out engineering and unsurpassed design. Clearly Apple has focused their attention on the entire customer experience at every touch point, and grown their business through creating truly innovative products, services and experiences.

Looking Cool

It is no surprise that looks matter. Our society is obsessed with appearances. So, why do so few businesses pay attention to their own looks? If you haven’t been looking in the mirror, it’s time to start. Customers have such passion for Apple’s products that they will gladly fork down 2 to 5 times the money they would spend on an uglier, equally capable alternative. Apple’s success is the result of the company’s design and customer experience focus which is driven from the top of the organization, not compartmentalized into one functional area. By prioritizing the look, feel and usability of their products, they have managed to create products that polarize buyers. Watch the commercials – you’re either a Mac or a P.C. buyer. However, most companies are much less successful than Apple because they lack the executive leadership that understands and values great product design the way Apple has over the years. In order to achieve some degree of Apple’s success, you must fine tune the detail of your product, service, and customer experience to take it beyond adequate to exceptional. In short, make your product look cool, your service sound cool and your customer experience be cool.

Hip Hip Hooray

Gone are the days when true business people wore navy blue suits and looked down upon the wild youth of today with disdain. More and more those stuffed shirts are realizing that the youth economy is hot and, in order for businesses to tap into that market, they need to take note of what these hipsters are all about. Online and offline, companies like You Tube and Facebook have removed many barriers-to-entry that startups used to face. They have created a means for visionary radicals to bypass the old boy network and go straight to their fans. Once these companies get to their customers, instead of going straight for their wallet, they instead focus on giving them something to cheer about first. Hip Hip…

Fans vs. Customers

Traditional businesses focused on how to get more customers. Today’s businesses must focus on getting fans – loud, loyal, raving fans. Traditional business asked, “How can we get more people to buy from us?” Businesses that are hip to the trends of today ask, “How can we get customers to love us?” Just focusing on sales is a one dimensional approach to growing a business, the more sophisticated way of looking at it is to inspire people by helping them to attain what they are seeking through your business. People buy for emotional reasons more so than physical ones, so find a way to strike an emotional cord with your customers. Think about who we like to cheer for – the underdog, the hard worker, the person who put it all on the line, the strong, and the good-looking. How can you personify your company as one of these characters and inspire a cheering section?

Buyers are becoming more choosey and more finicky. However, once they have a phenomenal customer experience, they are more likely to keep coming back for more and tell everyone they know about it. In order to compete in an increasingly crowded business world, you need to elevate your product, service and customer experience to a level that will make your customers feel good, look cool, and love you. For more information on how you can get hip to the business trends of today, visit

Starting a Business: Spa Business Trends

If you want to start a winning business, make sure that it is in a field that interests you, and that you enjoy the work. Just as important, you want to take a look at industry trends to see how you can best position your business for success.

In short, trends generally form to meet the needs of the market. The more you can satisfy your customers, the more success you are likely to have. Therefore, understanding and acting on current trends in the spa industry can greatly affect your salons’ profits.

While you don’t usually want to start a business around a short-term fad, incorporating current spa business trends into your operating strategy can help put your company at the leading edge of your competitors. You can also make changes to your spa business plan to make it more profitable. As a business owner, you can adjust and revise your business strategy as the market changes and new spa trends emerge.

Here are some trends going on in the spa business right now:

Lower-Cost Services

Spas are no longer limited to only the wealthy. Now people on a budget can get an hour-long spa treatment and spend as little as $50. In fact, in the current economy, lower-cost spas fared better than those exclusively offering higher-priced services.

In addition to full-body massages, more spas are offering treatments that cost less, but are still profitable. Some of the trends we are seeing include hot stone massage, scalp massage and reflexology. Also, shorter appointments require less labor and resources, but still provide relaxation for the customer.

Another benefit to these lower cost spa packages offer is that they require less time. A customer may want a relaxing spa treatment, but may not have all afternoon to spare. In this circumstance, time is the issue rather than cost. Nonetheless, this new trend is providing a needed solution for consumers.

More Amenities

These days, consumers can choose from a wide variety of spa treatments. Services are no longer limited to just a facial or body massage. Now spas offer hand massages, meditation space, reflexology, body wraps, scrubs, aroma therapy, hot stone massages, anti-aging hand and foot treatment and more.

By following this trend, spas can provide specific solutions to their customers’ needs. Businesses do not need to offer all services, or even many. Some spas focus on just one type of service and specialize in that.

Focus on Health and Wellness

As a large portion of the population ages, medical spas and salons that offer anti-aging services are becoming more popular. Medical spas can offer laser treatment, microdermabrasion, laser hair reduction, acne resurfacing, skin tightening, infrared saunas, Botox treatments and even acupuncture.

This trend focuses on a growing market, which means that the services and business opportunities in this area are likely to increase as well. At the same time, more people are recognizing that spas not only offer relaxation but healing benefits as well. Spas offering both relaxation and healing benefits in a single amenity instantly increase the value of that service.

Start a Business: Tutoring Business Trends

Anything Research shows that growth will continue in the exam preparation and tutoring field through the next several years. There are several factors contributing to this, some of which are a result of current economic conditions.

Not only are the number of students being tutored increasing, the age range is growing and so is the number of subjects being taught. Students can now get learning assistance virtually any day of the year, and they can learn at home, at their local library or at a tutoring center. With so many convenient options, more parents are deciding which type of instruction to get rather than whether to invest in extra education at all.

If you want to have a teaching career, tutoring can be a great business to start. The work can be very rewarding, but you want to be aware of business trends in order to increase your chance of success.

Here are some trends going on in the tutoring field right now:

The Competitive Job Market is Building an Awareness for Increased Education

When jobs grow scarce, people become more aware of the importance of education in the job marketplace. The key to getting a high-paying job – or even a job at all – is often related to one’s education.

Parents who understand how difficult it can be to get a job are focusing more on the education of their children. Tutoring and exam preparation can make a big difference in a student’s education, which can then lead to his or her success in the working world.

Tutoring businesses are providing help to students as young as kindergarten and all the way through college. Virtually any school subject is available, including music lessons and foreign languages.

Struggling Schools are Creating a Market for Extra Education

In the current economy, schools are laying off teachers while class size increases. This situation does make for an ideal learning environment, and can make learning for struggling students virtually impossible.

In addition, when schools lack funding, programs get canceled. Fewer programs translate to less education for the average student. Many parents who want their children to excel in the classroom and have a chance at attending college are looking into other learning opportunities, like tutoring.

Convenience is Attracting New Clients

In addition to tutoring centers, a home-based learning option is now becoming more widely available. With one-on-one tutoring sessions at home, programs can be customized to each student’s needs. There are generally less distractions for students with at-home learning, resulting in a more effective study environment.

Today’s busy families have lots of activities going on. Although education may be important, it may not easily fit into a family’s hectic schedule. Supplementary learning programs are taking this into account, offering sessions seven days a week as well as summertime programs.

For students needing help with a specific project, companies like Creative Tutors offer short-term assistance for things like science fair projects, term paper writing and research. Parents do not have to commit to a long-term contract to provide needed help for their children.

Future Business Trends Exposed – How You Can Profit From Them Now!

Wouldn’t it be fantastic If you knew what businesses where going to be the most profitable in the future? Well look no further.

I am going to expose the three major business trends right here!

Trend #1: The Internet

Now this is a no brainer but just in case you’ve had your head in the sand for the past 10 years the internet really is set for explosive growth in the future. Not sure? Check out these facts:

  • FACT: There are 928 million internet users in the world as of June 205, according to data published by Internet World Stats
  • FACT: $1.6 trillion was made via e-commerce in 2003; $7.1 trillion is expected in 2007 (source: IDC, 2004)
  • FACT: Nearly 100 million adults made purchases after doing online research last year, coming close to the number of adults who purchased through catalogs, direct mail ads and telemarketing calls combined
  • FACT: In 2006, about 136 million new folks joined the internet community for the first time – that’s 248 NEW web users every minute

If this potential doesn’t excite you then nothing will. I hear you saying, “But I don’t know anything about the net and doing business on the net”. Well neither did any body else before they researched it and learnt one step at a time.

Trend #2: Education

Some of the worlds most educated people are realising that they aren’t keeping up with changes in information, knowledge and technology according to Peter Drucker in his Forbes magazine article “Webucation: the next billion dollar industry.”

Drucker makes some other very interesting points:

  • Online continuing education is creating a new…educational realm
  • The demand for lifetime education stems from profound changes in society
  • More high achievers are returning to school because they need new ways of looking outside of their competencies
  • Online delivery is the trigger for the growth in continuing adult education

Your education product could range from a simple quality ebook, cd, dvd right up to an educational product suite that is delivered via the net.

Trend #3: Home Based Business

Imagine a business with no employees, extremely low running costs, a 20 second commute to work and only having to deal with people you like. These are some of the benefits of a home based business. You may also benefit from:

  • Taxation advantages (speak to a qualified accountant)
  • Less stress – you have ultimate control of your time and your results and answer to nobody
  • Quality of life – working and spending more time with your loved ones
  • Successful home based business entrepreneurs actually get paid more than most people in jobs (Just Over Broke)

Not convincing enough? What if you learnt that a staggering 20% of all USA millionaires were created from home based businesses!

So now is the time to take action. It is never to late, there is boundless opportunities out there, you just have to research the one that is perfect for you. You may choose to tackle a small opportunity first, like an ebook, to test the waters and then find a bigger business opportunity or develop a bigger business from there.

The key is to research! Research what the market is looking for – not what you think you’d like to sell.

These three trends should give you a boost in the right direction. Now it is up to you. Millionaires are being created through the internet everyday, will you be the next one?

Again a quote from Peter Drucker: “In this world people must take responsibility for their own futures. They can not simply count on ascending a career ladder.”